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-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

MSHS bomb threat a hoax; School is open

Today, Tuesday, June 17, school will resume at the regularly scheduled time. Students will begin their day by reporting to their 4th period class - to retrieve any materials left yesterday - then continue with their previously-planned finals schedule.

On Monday, June 16, Mount Si High School students were evacuated to the stadium around 11:35am as a precaution and remained outside until school was dismissed or a parent picked them up. This was in response to a suspicious looking package that was delivered to the school's office. A police bomb squad confirmed that the package was a very well-built hoax device. The building was re-opened around 4:00 pm Monday.

For those concerned about finals, Principal Randy Taylor confirmed that the incident will be taken into consideration with the administration of their exams today.

If you have any information that could help with the investigation of this crime, please contact the City of Snoqualmie Police department at 425-888-3333



Anonymous said...

Please reference the current posting on www.svsd410.com. It is an accurate accounting of one student seeking to offer a gift to another. So a kid brings a gift for a fellow student to school and it gets blown up. What are we teaching our children? Who will be held accountable? The student did nothing wrong yet it would be shocking if an apology were issued for destroying something of value to the student. The chickens are coming home to roost. Absent a clear, focused mission that prioritizes students other forces come in to play. I blame the administration for creating an environment of fear and suspicion such that a student seeking to offer a gift to another student sees it get blown up and has to fear being put in jail. Oh my.

Anonymous said...

district web site is www.svsd410.org not .com

One question asked by several is why did the student who brought the gift not give it to the recipient personally or mail it or take care of the giving out of school. It does not seem proper to expect the school to be UPS... it's one thing to have the office deliver lunch or gym clothes. It doesn't seem appropriate for school staff or office volunteers to be delivering or arranging for the pick up of gifts.

Given that it is not the office's or school's responsibility to arrange for delivery or pick up of gifts, it does seem a little sketchy. The box was a bit suspicious and no explanation (as far as I know) was provided describing its contents. If there had been ill will or bad intent, it would have been remiss of the school to ignore it - or treat it like the delivery of lunch, forgotten homework or gym shoes.

It does seem that student safety was the first priority, and that if an explanation by the giver had been provided at the time the package was dropped off, the subsequent debacle would have been averted.

Just think of the mess if the gift had not been innocent, had been ignored, and had actually caused harm.

Sounds like the giver was well intentioned, just a bit thoughtless about appearances.

Anonymous said...

Annonymous said;
Sounds like the giver was well intentioned, just a bit thoughtless about appearances.

Sounds to me like the school staff are the thoughtless ones. Anyone who has walked into that office knows its a madhouse - who's in charge? No one to greet you, staff are hostile. Students are rude.

Did the kid know it was not the right way to get a gift to someone? Probably not. Who'd know what the rules are in that school.

-- a former parent with kids now attending a normal high school

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Parent at a new school: PLEASE tell us the name of your high school. At a minimum, MSHS needs a role model for "normal" since we have become the poster child for the hyper-activist, not so normal high school. Is your school accepting applications?