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Friday, July 25, 2008

Mount Si activity fees may see a hike due to high fuel prices

The SnoValley Star reports that fees will be rising this fall at Mount Si.

July 24, 2008

By Laura Geggel
Mount Si High School plans to increase its student activity fees to keep up with the rising price of fuel. The fees, which are currently $75 per sport, would increase to $100 if the school board approves them before the beginning of the fall sports season.

If approved, there would be a cap on how much each student would have to pay. Students participating in more than one sport would not have to pay more than $150 per year, while families with multiple children playing school sports would not have to pay more than $225 per year.

Waivers for free or reduced fees can be obtained from the school.

Mount Si was one of the last high schools in the area to require an activity fee for extracurricular athletics. Greg Hart, associate principal and athletic director at Mount Si High School, said he and the school board were initially hesitant to implement fees for fear of a drop in athletic participation.

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