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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

UPDATED Election Results

Special Election

3/11/2008 11:22:32 PM
Election Night Final
March 11, 2008


Ballots Cast/Registered Voters:
6578/19965 - 32.95%

Poll Precincts Counted/Total Poll Precincts:
46/46 - 100.00%

Prop. No. 1 - General Obligation Bonds - $189,600,000

UPDATED 3/17/2008 6:00:58 PM

4435 - 58.46%

3152 - 41.54%

After two unsuccessful attempts to pass the levy last year, the district appeared to have failed Tuesday to meet the supermajority requirements of 60 percent approval and a minimum turnout of 3,477 voters.
Now 117 votes short of passing, some absentee's are still out...

Total Absentee Ballots Issued - 12185
Absentee Ballots Received* Today - 0
Cumulative Absentee Ballots Received* To Date - 6349
% Absentee Ballots Received* - 52.11

King County will update results at 4:30 p 3/17/08


Anonymous said...

Time to start exploring some other alternatives. What about extending the current high school's campus to include the soon to be defunct Snoqualmie hospital? Heck valley residents have already ponied up $$$ for that boondoggle. May as well try to recoup some of the losses from that misadventure.

How about passing a bond or levy for just the high school, without any additional 'earmarks'? And while we're at it, an accelerated build schedule. As fast as that casino came in, I have a hard time believing we can't build a new highschool in 2 years time.

How about a proposal to build a highschool with an aquatics facility? The valley has needed a new/larger pool for quite some time now.

The community needs to "sell" this proposal. Folks are tired of seeing 10 year property tax increases year after year. You need to make this measure "compelling" for the "entire" community.

Anonymous said...

No matter how many new homes are built, families will not put their students in our district high school(s) if the current problems aren't addressed.

Maybe it's time for the school board to look at new leadership for our highschool so it can stay out of the news for a change.

Anonymous said...

The ownership of the hospital property and the district property are two different things. Districts and cities are different bodies.

Adding an aquatics facility would be great but it would add millions more onto the bond and the goal was to bring the costs down.

I think a lot of people donated their time to come up with the best proposal they could to make everyone happy.

Schools are incredibly expensive to build and just get more expensive each year.

Issues at the high school are more reasons to build a new school. Overcrowding will just cause more unrest not less.

Our property values will tank if our schools get worse. The bonds are expensive but a lot cheaper than homes we can not sell.

Anonymous said...

...the Snoqualmie Tribe recently purchased the hospital. No plans have been announced...

Anonymous said...

My husband, an architect in Seattle, said the hospital will be some kind of tribal wellness facility.

Anonymous said...

...sounds good to me. I'm all for "tribal wellness." Anyone know what that actually means?

Anonymous said...

How about we outsource the planning and building of a new high school to the Snoqualmie tribe? As fast as that's being built, we'd have a new high school in a year.