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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tolo chaperones needed for Mount Si

Hello Mount Si Parents,

Tolo is next weekend – Saturday March 8th at Mount Si High School.

Chaperones are always needed in order to ensure a safe, fun event.
Perhaps a request for Chaperones could be placed on the MtSiParents Blog? Sure!

I think parents and community members who are accepting of all students would be the perfect chaperones and help our students feel safe.

The duties of a chaperone are simple – and as varied as the interest of the adult. Some adults prefer to be on the perimeter, “guarding” so to speak, the various exits.

This is a fairly low key way to be involved. When students approach, just turn them around. If they persist, tell them you’ve been instructed by Ms. Castle and they’ll need to bring Ms. Castle over with them if they want to pass through.

Then there’s the bathrooms to periodically walk through and the front door to monitor. These roles are a bit more interactive.

For those very comfortable in the high school arena, there’s the area closer to the dance floor; which does take a little more active individual to monitor. A simple headshake with a smile will tell most teens that their behavior is pushing the boundaries. They don’t want to be publicly embarrassed, or insulted . . . and really don’t need that sort of active monitoring. Mostly, the presence of adults provides the checks and balances needed just to maintain the type of behavior that the students already know is appropriate. On that rare occasion that you may suspect a student looks or smells like they’ve had a controlled substance, there are school administrators and local police officers on hand to talk to the students personally.

Folks interested may email class adviser, Elaine Harger at hargere@svsd410.org

Cindy Sattler

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Anonymous said...

Great article in the Times today about the overcrowding issues at Mount Si.


Please get informed and vote yes on March 11th.

For more information visit the Valley Voters for Education web site at: