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"We are shut up in schools and college recitation rooms for ten or fifteen years, and come out at last with a bellyful of words and do not know a thing. "

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, February 16, 2008

WAR is declared against LGBT students


Saturday, 16 February 2008

This poster is hanging in the window of a classrom at Mt. Si High School!

It's time we wake up and realize we are in a culture WAR!

When teachers are allowed to hang posters like this in our local school, we've got a big problem. It's time to take back our schools.

Pastor Hutch

Parents we must be vigilant. War has real meaning to this man and particularly to his more fanatical followers;

This Is War, Anti-Gay American Preacher Hutcherson Tells Europe

March 28th, 2007 thomas c jackson

LONDON, March 26, 2007 – As news emerged that a new “anti-gay” group had been registered in Latvia, the plot thickened as to the involvement of an American preacher with religious groups in the country who told an American newspaper: “this is a war”, referring to his anti-gay campaign in Europe.

Ken Hutcherson, the former NFL linebacker and now Dr. Hutcherson, the founder and senior pastor of the Antioch Bible Church near Seattle, claimed to have been a special envoy of the White House when he visited Riga earlier this month.

“I come to you representing the White House”, Dr. Hutcherson told the Riga conference, organised by the New Generation Church.

“In my country, people will know how Latvia responded to anti-Christian statements. We need to stand for righteousness not only morally, but also physically and financially. It’s a great battle for righteousness and no one can stop it. I promise to stand with you.”

This was from a speech he gave in Latvia to a group of anti-homosexual fundamentalists associated with his Watchmen on The Wall cult. Joining Mr. Hutcherson on stage was Dr. Scott Lively, co-author of The Pink Swastika: Homosexuals and the Nazi Party.

Dr. Lively claims that that Hitler and other Nazis were secretly homosexuals, and that indeed both the Nazi regime and the Holocaust were products of a homosexual conspiracy.

Four months later members of this cult made headlines;

Sacramento authorities charge two men in killing of Satender Singh

by JewsOnFirst.org, August 8, 2007
The Sacramento District Attorney has charged two men involved in last month's fatal assault on Satender Singh. One of the suspects faces a manslaughter charge and both are charged with committing a hate crime, confirming witness accounts that the assault was motivated by hatred of gays.

This hate group advocates physical violence to further their cause. We cannot underestimate the potential danger of these hateful fanatics.

On a footnote, Mr. Hutcherson's claim as "Special Envoy of the White House" as been denied by the Bush Administration. An FBI complaint was filed against Mr. Hutcherson to investigate his fraudulent claim.


Alex said...

Super scary words from a man whose hatred seems to be stemmed in irrational fears and religious dogmas. As far as I am concerned there will be no "WAR." School is no place for a war zone. By not financially backing the schools you are only hurting children, not the abominable homosexual culture you hate so deeply. Go ahead and tell every God fearing christian to vote to cut our schools funding. Make it very clear that education is an expendable cost to you in the fight for culture.

And tell me, Doctor Hutch, how am I killing your culture?

My neighbor is also a pastor, and he is nothing but supportive. A TRUE christian in my opinion. To me, you are nothing but the remnants of a Medieval crusader. Carry your cross, and see where it gets you. To the dark ages perhaps?

Anonymous said...

I am a supporter of the GSA and have a problem with just about everything Hutcherson says. I have to say though the picture shown of a "GSA Poster" looks a bit risque to me. Maybe I am getting conservative in my old age but it looks like nude forms getting ready to have sex. It is hand drawn so perhaps I am off but since the GSA is on the defensive right now because of Hutcherson's witch hunt, maybe that drawing is not the best choice to be hung to represent the GSA.

Alex said...


I understand your concerns, but the poster has been up for quite awhile, and we've haven't received any complaints about it. If anyone did voice a complaint about the appropriateness of the figures we would be more than willing to re-design a poster.

Besides, I'm sure anything that involves rainbows would offend the man. :D

Thanks for your support though!

Anonymous said...

To me, the picture illustrates three expressions of love between individual human beings.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Look at them as silhouette's of souls rather than bodies.

Anonymous said...

Hutch picked a hell of a day to do this. Irony follows this man like a shadow.

Anonymous said...

Lively was not just "on stage" with Hutch. He is a senior member, along with Hutcherson, of the Wathmen of the Walls. He believes that a "dark homosexual menace" was behind the inquisition, the French Reign of Terror, American Slavery, Apartheid, and the Holocaust. These guys are nuts. Scary nuts. One of the higher ups (pictured often with Hutch) of the Watchmen tried to explain to Sacramento's Russian community that Singh's brutal beating by anti-gay thugs was "an accident." Hutcherson may be heterosexual, but he's sleeping with dogs.

More info. on Hutcherson and the Watchmen of the Walls in the "Hatewatch" section of the Southern Poverty Law Center website: www.splcenter.org/

Anonymous said...

to my knowledge, mr. or dr. or whoever hutch did'nt say anything at the mlk assembly about anyones sexual preference.So now we can attack people for their personal beliefs,not just accusing him , but attacking every christian with hatefull dialog. I think that the gay/lesbisan/strait club is guilty for their judgement or hate, as they like to call it,against christians. at least in every blog i've read so far. political and religous beliefs should not be part of mshs. is it possible for teachers to do what we parents pay them to do? why do teachers think it's o.k. to fill childrens heads with their own beliefs. i don't tell their kids what to believe in. why does the gsa think it's o.k. to spu hate on to others for what they believe? what? isn't the message supposed to be respect and tollerance? why not let these kids find their own way with out using them for political leverage.just teach. math, reading, writing and leave your agendas out of it.

Anonymous said...

why does the gsa think it's o.k. to spu hate on to others for what they believe? what? isn't the message supposed to be respect and tollerance? why not let these kids find their own way with out using them for political leverage.just teach. math, reading, writing and leave your agendas out of it.

You obviously know nothing about the GSA and it's purpose or message.

From the looks of your comments, I doubt you have finished the K-12 program yourself.

Anonymous said...

Alex, I am so glad to hear that your neighbor how is a pastor loves you. That is his job, from God no matter who you are or what you do. That is also the job of every TRUE (your words) Pastor and of every TRUE (also your words) christian. We are not at war with you nor do we mean you harm. Yes there can be christians who are militant about issues, and yes there can be LGBTs that are militant. It is not our job to judge you, and it is not your job to judge us. The parents of this school district that are speaking out don't want to harm you, or tell you what to think or believe. they just don't want their kids to be taught things other than basic education. Teachers don't preach hate disguised as love and acceptance please!

Anonymous said...
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