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-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fred Phelps step aside, there's a new nut in town!

Pastor Ken Hutcherson, and his 'prayer warriors', will actually be PROTESTING the DoS outside of MSHS on Friday!

Do these misguided individuals have nothing better to do with their time than harass our children?

Here's hoping the darkness can be lifted from these narrow minds.


From the Seattle Times article;

Todd Shaw, a member of Hutcherson's church, said he'll be at the protest Friday with a sign that reads "Education Not Indoctrination."

Could not be related to LeAnn Shaw, President of CoDE?


Hutch Speaks

Click Schrammie to get his take on this.


JC said...

I see CoDE is finally, kinda-sorta distancing themselves from Hutcherson:

"Day of Silence update
The Coalition to Defend Education IS NOT and HAS NEVER planned to demonstrate or protest the Day of Silence at Mount Si High School.

The Coalition to Defend Education has no affiliation with the Reverend Ken Hutcherson, his church, or his demonstration. If any person who is a member of the Coalition participates in the demonstration, he or she does so as an individual and IN NO WAY represents CoDE, its Board of Directors, or its policies.

Principal Taylor issued an email and posted a letter on the MSHS web site that claims that "We have also heard that the Coalition to Defend Education plans to demonstrate in opposition to Day of Silence." This is absolutely false, and no officer of the Coalition to Defend Education has EVER said that we have plans to protest. The Board of Directors of the Coalition to Defend Education demands an immediate retraction and apology from Mr. Taylor."

Missing, of course, is any clear statement from CoDE on whether they think the protest is or is not a good idea. Oh, they certainly aren't part of it, and if any of them are, it's only as individuals, not as representatives of CoDE, which is only interested in unbiased education and not at all anti-gay (wink, wink). I guess they think of it the same way they view the school levy, voting for or against it doesn't reflect on one's interest in funding education -- I guess they think the school funding fairy is going to leave the money for schools under the superintendent's pillow.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Pastor Hutch! In his stalwart and tenacious fight to bring down the Day of Silence at Mt Si High, he is remarkably bringing the attention of the injustices, inequities, and harassment that young people face because of intolerant and bullying peers. You see, just like another pioneer in the advancement of gay and lesbian rights, Rev Fred Phleps, who demonstrates at military funerals, inadvertently brought new allies to the world of gays and lesbians and their families. Pastor Hutch and his Prayer Warriors have helped to brighten the lumens of the social spotlight to the discrimination and intolerance faced by gays and lesbians – young and old. And through their ever increasing efforts, families, in the Snoqualmie Valley School District and across the Northwest, maybe even across the nation, are talking about gays and lesbians, tolerance and acceptance, compassion and love at their kitchen tables and in their minivans. Many critics of Pastor Hutch (Ken Hutcherson of the Antioch Bible Church) are concerned about his connection with Scott Lively and the Watchmen on the Wall for the Watchmen have hit the radar as one of America’s Hate Groups according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Scott Lively was the Oregon’s Citizens Alliance’s Executive Director and its anti-gay campaigns in the 90’s. My only hope is that, once Pastor Hutch and his prayer warriors reach their goals in their quest to fully illuminate the issues surrounding the Day of Silence and help bring to light the ongoing issues facing gays and lesbians, is that Pastor Hutch will direct some of his energies and resources to some of the lesser concerns facing America, ie, homelessness, poverty, strained educational institutions, hunger. I know that if Pastor Hutch would devote as much passionate fervor that he has toward the Day of Silence and Mt Si High, many other social issues will soon be addressed and conquered. Although, those same critics I mentioned before, wonder if ‘Pastor Hutch protests too much’, but then again there were others who protested too much (even persecuted) gays and lesbians: Jim West, Larry Craig, Ted Haggard, Mark Foley, etc. etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

I guess CoDE is reaping what they sow - you lie through your teeth on your web site, and then people lie about you?! Shocking!!!!!! (as CoDE would say).

Rebecca said...

Hey, Is anybody from this blog going to be in Snoqualmie on Friday morning? Some of us are following this story and would really appreciate someone liveblogging or a twitter feed of events from the press conference or what happens at the school.

--GSA supporter in Portland, Ore.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rebecca,

Many supporters of the GSA do not want to be at the events on Friday when Pastor Hutcherson is going to be there because we do not want to give him fuel for his fire. If you want an alternative way to show support for the GSA and support diversity in the valley I suggest you contact GLSEN in Seattle and see what they recommend. Also, if you look for people wearing rainbow ribbons I am sure they can point you in the right direction. I encourage people who are supportive of the GSA to leave before Pastor Hutcherson begins his antics at 10:00am though because I think we need to avoid confrontation. Let them do their thing on their own. I think simple signs that say you support the GSA are enough.

JC said...

"The Coalition to Defend Education has no affiliation with the Reverend Ken Hutcherson, his church, or his demonstration."

Wow, can't believe I missed this glaring lie in CoDE's spin on the protest. Certianly doesn't jibe with what they used to say in their FAQ, I see they've now edited it to cover-up their affiliation with Hutcherson:

"What is CoDE's association with the Reverend Ken Hutcherson and his church?

The Coalition to Defend Education is a nonreligious, nonprofit organization and is not affiliated with Rev. Hutcherson or his church. The Rev. Hutcherson is not a member of CoDE."

This used to say that Hutcherson was a member as a parent at Mt Si, but not on the board. Just another example of the dishonest nature of CoDE. Much like their current claims that they never sought to stop the DoS. Again, with a group displays such blatent dishonesty, only a fool would take them at their work on the allegedly shocking incidents at Mt. Si. More and more it appears that CoDE is just another bunch of Liars for Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Let's be a bit more positive. I can not stand Pastor Hutcherson but I thought it was sad he was embarassed and I feel sorry for his children too. There is racism in the valley. There is sexism. There are a lot of isms so to speak in the valley. The Day of Silence is a start to ending the mistreatment of some. I think we as a group need to encourage respect for everyone now. I think CoDE is way off base and they do seem very anti gay in many respects but I applaud them for distancing themselves from Hutcherson. We need to respect that action.

I really like the Principal's statements and I think the administration is doing a good job preparing for tomorrow.

I would like to ask that those in support of the GSA tomorrow try not to be as bad as Hutcherson attacking people including CoDE members. Everytime we attack them it just makes a bigger wedge.

CoDE pulled down some of their most imflammatory stuff on their website today so that is a start.

I want to apologize to Pastor Hutcherson if he has experienced any racism in this valley. That is not okay.

I hope he will grow and understand that the racism and discrimination many racial minorities face are similar to the discrimination that gays and "soft men" as he calls them face.

Let's work to be inclusive and not exclusive.

Tomorrow is the beginning of a day of healing in the valley.

AWR said...

Damnit, people. The humane relation should be enough to warrant acceptance. Why do petty little details like race and sexuality have to stain what should be a beautiful organic connection between all mankind? That lunatic who conjured the bible from his twisted, bigoted brain ought to be resurrected and forced to witness the idiocy he has inflicted upon masses of mankind.

ShannonB said...

"Rebecca said...
Hey, Is anybody from this blog going to be in Snoqualmie on Friday morning?"

Yes, Rebecca I will be there. I will be attending the morning LGBT support as students arrive(with lots of rainbow flags) and will also attend the press conference at Snoqualamie Library at 11am.
Below is the letter on what we are doing from the Concerned Parents of Mt. Si HS.

In my attendance, I represent Ravenna United Methodist Church which is a member of the Safe Schools Coalition of Washington State. We actively support these children in their commitment to ending intolerance and bullying, and are willing at any time to offer a very, very different view of Christianity than that being exhibited here by Antioch Baptist Church in our willingness to accept all, support all, and love all regardless of race, color, national origin, economic condition, gender, gender identity, marital status, sexual orientation, or physical ability .


Several of us have been trying to decide about a form of public support for the Day of Silence. We understand both sides shared by readers of the Friends of GSA and appreciate the need to be thoughtful about this. One goal is to avoid further embarrassment to the kids. It is their day. However, the option to keep this for students only has, we feel, been taken away by Pastor Hutcherson. He will have many protestors present, with strong media representation as well. I talked to a public relations rep at the Snoqualmie City Hall today, the police department, 2 reps from Safe Schools, students who attend MSHS and several friends. A group of us feel strongly about our goal to show public and visible support for the students affected by this day and to AVOID any verbal bantering between groups. We will show up at school, hold signs showing support and wear some type of rainbow color or tie-dye shirts, headbands, and/or armbands. There is no way to "compete" with the numbers Hutcherson is recruiting from in and out of our valley, but we would like to have a very visible presence so that students will see that many of the public support them. I invite anyone interested to join us.

New information learned yesterday:

The city hall is expecting well over a thousand of Pastor Hutcherson recruits coming in busses. Who knows how many will actually show up. Several people are coming from out of state.
There is no permit required. This is a first amendment right to assemble. I have heard mixed messages now about being allowed on the side walks as a group. The general belief is that sidewalks are public space. We will not be allowed on the campus.
Extra police will be in attendance, as well as the fire department.
Streets will be closed if necessary.
Many news stations have been contacted and will be present.
Parking will, of course, be very limited.
Getting to the basics, there will be no bathroom facilities. Please plan accordingly.


Let's come early. Some of us plan to be at the school at the beginning of the school day to show support to the students as they arrive. Pastor Hutcherson's group is planning on arriving around 10. Some or all of us can leave before 11 to go to the Snoqualmie Library for the press release.
We will be more visible if we stand in a group and wear some type of similar clothing. As we wrote earlier in this email, multi-colored (rainbow type) shirts, armbands, headbands would be great. If you don't have tie-dye or rainbow shirts, perhaps a solid, primary color shirt keeping with the rainbow theme. We'll try to have rainbow armbands for those interested.
This is for the kids, so let's congregate as close to the entrance as possible (sidewalk by the bus/car entrance??? next to the tennis courts) so students can see the support as they come to school.
Simple, positive messages of support on any signs you bring. Avoid negative comments. Again, we'll try to have some extras but may run out of time.
Let's consider practicing the Day of Silence theme and make a decision to NOT talk about this to the media or "other side." It is up to you but it may be best to honor the intent of the day. Show silent support.
Carpool if possible. There may be parking across from the Milk Barn or further down the street.
Be prepared for poor weather conditions!

Hope to see many people there. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Lucinda Hauser and Jane Storrs
Concerned Parents

Anonymous said...

The CoDE has updated their website and reiterates they are not in support of Hutcherson. They mention that some students may wear black to protest the Day of Silence. That is so sad to me. You have the option to not participate. I think wearing shirts that protest the day says you are "anti" the Day of Silence. Not supporting it and doing things that seem to mock a peaceful event are very different.

Anonymous said...

May I suggest a single message and a single sign...

We love ALL of you!

JC said...

Actually, CoDE doesn't actually say they don't support Hutcherson. That's certianly the impression they want to leave, but their language is much more weaselly, they merely claim that Hutcherson is not a member of CoDE and that CoDE is not involved in the organizing of the protest. Of course they fail to mention that, until very recently Hutcherson was a member of CoDE, and leave open the possibility that CoDE members (Board Members, perhaps?), who may participate in the protest are doing so as private citizens and not representatives of CoDE. In other words they pretend they ahve never been associated with Hutcherson and engage in some hair-splitting as to what the participation of CoDE members in this dispicable protest means.

Anonymous said...

Hutcherson and Barber Talk About the Day of Silence and Reveal Hutch’s Paranoia
Timothy Kincaid
April 24th, 2008
Rev. Ken Hutcherson spoke with Matt Barber on a Concerned Women for America podcast about Hutcherson’s protest of the Day of Silence. Barber and Hutcherson both make some claims that do not seem to be fact based and, in Hutcherson’s case, appear to demonstrate paranoia:

Barber claims

GLSEN is an “adult homosexual activist group” that uses children as “pawns to futher their very deceptive agenda”.
some Christians are taking a “very soft approach” to the Day of Silence rather than “challenge it head on” because they want “the path of least resistance”. [I assume this refers to the Golden Rule pledge]
Hutcherson claims

kids who are kept out of school on the DOS may make up an excuse rather than “stand up”.
he was invited to speak at Mt. Si because it was “a great time to ambush the Christian”.
he’s been labeled the “number one homophobe in the United States”. He told “them” that as long as Dr. James Dobson is alive then Dobson’s number one and he’s is number two. [I can’t find any reference anywhere to Hutcherson being labeled as the number one homophobe, much less that he responded in any way to “them”]
there is a million dollar award out for infomation that would destroy his ministry.
the minute his daughter introduced him on MLK day, white teachers booed [although news reports indicate that one teacher booed, Hutcherson repeated refered to “white teachers”, plural]
the school promised him that there would be nothing controversially done about his appearance
four or five teachers run the whole school, along with the principal and assistant principal and they are all afraid of the homosexual agenda
if you look through the Bible you cannot find one word in the Bible that relates to tolerance
the reason Jesus didn’t condemn the woman at the well was because was “set up to sin” and the man she committed adultery with wasn’t also brought. He implied that otherwise Jesus would have condemned both of them.
Barber also seems to imply that Hutcherson should engage in violence against the school authorities. Hutcherson said, “now you’ve got an angry dad”, to which Barber replies, “I don’t blame you and I seem to recall that you played a little football”. [Hutcherson played in the NFL in the 70’s].

All in all, I have to conclude that Hutcherson is either paranoid or not particularly concerned about the accuracy of his statements.

Mt.Si Student said...

I am a student at mt.si high school and id’ like to bring up a couple points.

1. why is he wasting his time? does he think by doing this the gay community is going to say oh you’re right and magically become un-gay? his efforts aren’t going to accomplish anything. do something worth while. send your “1000 prayer soldiers’ somewhere where they can make a difference. darfur?

2. if he doesn’t want gay people to have a ’special day’, take away black history month. ITS THE SAME THING. a time period set aside to recognize inequality of a group of people.

3. whether its in the bible or not, loving someone of the same sex isn’t illegal. SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE! the inequality these people face is unconstitutional (14th amendment).

4. it is also in the bible that god loves EVERYONE and created EVERYONE. if he wanted us to all be the same then why did he make us so different?

just a thought.

Anonymous said...

mt si student exemplifies what is wrong with the day of silence and the misconception that somehow gays are oppressed.

Day of Silence the same as black history month? I guess I missed that era in American history where gays were enslaved, weren't allowed to vote, were segregated, amongst MANY travesties.

Unfortunately, this is what is passing for education in our schools - students have NO CLUE what blacks have gone through in this country, and are so ignorant they claim equivalence with what gays have gone through. How sad for our children, and shame on the parents and teachers in this community that support such indoctrination. I guess that's what happens when you put ultra-liberal agendas ahead of the basic needs of our children. Sigh.

Time to start looking at moving to a new school district. One that tolerates ALL people, not just gays.

Happy & Hopeful said...

Regarding JC's comments:

"In other words they pretend they ahve never been associated with Hutcherson and engage in some hair-splitting as to what the participation of CoDE members in this dispicable protest means."

What bothers me about your posts is that you never seem to see anything in a positive light, and just when I think I've heard it all, you manage to put yet another negative spin on things.

No one on CoDE is pretending--the simple fact is that CoDEs relationship with the Reverend Hutcherson (and his with CoDE) has changed over time. It really is that simple. As for splitting hairs over who's participating in the protests and who isn't, CoDE is a large and therefore very diverse group of people. I have a sneaking suspicion your mind will have a hard time getting around both those ideas (large and diverse), but please try. Some are OK with protesting, many are not. We decided months ago that CoDE would not protest, but given our diversity, I'm OK with individual members protesting if that's where their heart is. That's not splitting hairs--it's honoring the decision of the majority, while honoring the decisions of dissenting members.

I am among those who are not keen on protesting, but I commend those who demonstrated today and kept calm while being called nasty names by "your side" and kept the focus on the fact that the Day of Silence is disruptive to the educational process. That's not to say there's nothing to be learned from days like today--there is, but not enough to justify a wasted academic day. Additionally, I commend the students at Mt Si--for the most part I heard today was a meaningful day and problems of the past were not repeated. I hope this trend continues into next week.

Hold on to your hat, JC, because you are about to see that CoDE isn't a one issue group, we don't hate gays, and we WILL make a positive difference in our schools in ways that benefit ALL students. We love our community (as I'm sure you do), we want our schools to be places of excellence. I sincerely hope you have a place in your heart and mind for this possibility. On the other hand, you can completely dismiss what I've said and continue bashing us. It won't make a bit of difference to CoDE one way or another--we'll succeed in spite of your rants--but it's so much better to strive for common ground when we're talking about the success of our children.

MtSiParents said...

Unfortunately, this is what is passing for education in our schools - students have NO CLUE what blacks have gone through in this country, and are so ignorant they claim equivalence with what gays have gone through. How sad for our children, and shame on the parents and teachers in this community that support such indoctrination. I guess that's what happens when you put ultra-liberal agendas ahead of the basic needs of our children. Sigh.

Hutch? Is that you?

Anonymous said...

"Do these misguided individuals have nothing better to do with their time than harass our children?"

You apparently missed the point of the 10:00 start time for the protest. It goes something like this: begin after students arrive, be gone by the time they leave. The protest isn't about harassing children (or adults). I wish I could say the same of the counterprotesters--they used ugly language, racial slurs, derogatory comments and signs that just made it SO obvious who the grown ups are in this situation. Don't preach to me about harassment!

Anonymous said...

You apparently missed the point of the 10:00 start time for the protest.

You apparently missed the point of how childish it is to protest activties organized and sponsored by students. You parents are the BULLIES that create the need for a DoS!

You bring your self righteous indignation to our kids school and harass and intimidate the students inside. You are no better than those protesting funerals for the same reasons you protest our kids, because of your shallow understanding of humanity.

JC said...

Dear H & H,

Someone commenting on a blog doesn't see me and my organization in the best possible light. :(

Well, B-O-O H-O-O.

I can't help but notice that you don't refute anthing I said in my post, just make passive agressive attacks against me for being "negative". A common CoDE defence mechanism, but just what have you or CoDE had to say that is positive? Did you consider your original open letter to the GSA, wherein you placed the blame for ALL bias and discrimination incidents at Mt Si, including teacher approved anti-gay skits, at their feet, positive? Or perhaps you consider the current dishonest spin that CoDE has never sought to end the DoS (and Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia) positive? How about the dissembling around hate group leader Ken Hutcherson's association with CoDE, is that positive?

And yes, CoDE is being disingenuous about thier assocation with Hutcherson, from the FAQ on their website:

"What is CoDE's association with the Reverend Ken Hutcherson and his church?

The Coalition to Defend Education is a nonreligious, nonprofit organization and is not affiliated with Rev. Hutcherson or his church. The Rev. Hutcherson is not a member of CoDE."

Wouldn't a more honest answer be that Hutcherson was formerly a member of CoDE, but they have since parted ways?

I find it quite amusing that you claim there is no hairsplitting involved in CoDE's position that the participation of their groups members in the protests shouldn't reflect on CoDE and then try and make every pro-DoS person responsible for the actions of any pro-DoS person in the very next paragraph. Apparently you don't believe in practicing what you preach.

I'm sure CoDE will be creating other issues beside gay-acceptance to be SHOCKED by. I see you're already ramping up a manufactroversy over "anti-military" bias. Looking over your CoDE approved comments, I wonder if we can expect you to add the teaching of Evolution and every other right-wing trope to the list.

As far as striving for common ground, it's a nice sentiment, too bad CoDE doesn't put it into practice. In my experience, CoDE isn't interested in dialog, I know, I tried.

Anonymous said...

Let me put a plug in for the Golden Rule Pledge.