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-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Is Hutch trying to instigate more controversy at Mount Si?

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Praise for the Day of Silence outcome!

Whether they blame me or credit me, the fact of the matter is over 600 students, almost half the student body at Mt. Si were kept home by their parents on the Day of Silence. The school officials must realize they have some very unhappy parents.

Last night I met with the NAACP. Please pray for wisdom for them as they discuss what their move will be in response to the Mt. Si MLK Day debacle.

Please pray for me as I travel to Southern California today and as I return home on Saturday.

Pastor Hutch

Further deception from Hutch. The attendence at Mount Si was well reported by multiple news sources. He claims "over 600 students, almost half the student body", chose not to attend.

Actually 495 out of 1410 did not attend. That's 35%

So 65% of the students and their parents are open minded! That's a good thing.

Now I don't expect Hutch to understand math, after all math is one of those evil tools that science uses to kill God.

And does he really think that the NAACP is going to get on his crazy train?

Good luck with that Kenny!


Anonymous said...

This is from the Miami Herald, 9-24-07. It appears homosexuality is an issue on which chapters of the NAACP are not unanimous. Julian Bond's statement is quite unambiguous.

NAACP Chairman Julian Bond made national headlines with his recent endorsement of gay marriage—a step several prominent black ministers publicly criticized.

While Bond has noted that ‘’no parallel between movements for rights is exact,’’ his position differs with ministers and others who suggest that sexual orientation is a matter of choice. He wrote last year: “Like race, our sexuality isn’t a preference—it is inborn, and the Constitution protects us all against discrimination based on immutable differences.’’

Anonymous said...

As I understand it, some religious right groups are trying to claim that over 600 students walked out in support of Hutcherson.

Anonymous said...

How many students are normally absent and how many students stayed home because they were AFRAID of Hutcherson?
How many students stayed home on the Day of Silence last year?

Anonymous said...

"So 65% of the students and their parents are open minded!


after all math is one of those evil tools that science uses to kill God."

ROTFLMAO! Yeah, "open-minded" followed by "kill God."

Absolutely priceless hypocrisy! Expected, of course, but priceless nonetheless! This site continues to be a great source of humor. You should charge money to read it.

Let me guess, you're going to vote for Obama, right?

Anonymous said...

Eh, Hutcherson -- forget him. He'd have gotten a bigger turnout if he'd predicted the landing of the Saucer People on the football field.

I'm more concerned about this witchcraft thing:


Or not. :)

Kit McCormick said...

Last year 129 students were absent on the Day of Silence, about 3% above the daily average.

Mark Joselyn said...

The other thing to be aware of in terms of the unfortunately high level of absence on Friday is that the school administration sent a letter home with all athletes inviting them to not come to school and affirming that they could still participate in their game that day. The entire baseball team did not attend school but rather gathered for a party. This reflects more on choices made by the administration than anything else.

I also will reiterate that those not in attendance missed a fine day of school in which tolerance, respect and self expression were learned in addition to the normal curriculum. Granted it was more difficult given the high absentee rate but this CAN NOT be taken as a public 'vote' on support for the appropriate decision to host the day. It reflects on parents who choose to keep their kids home and on those who predicted '1,000 prayer warriors' would be surrounding the school. Sounds pretty spooky to me.

Mark Joselyn