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"We are shut up in schools and college recitation rooms for ten or fifteen years, and come out at last with a bellyful of words and do not know a thing. "

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, April 25, 2008

Larry King on Lawrence King and the DoS


Anonymous said...

Gay news blog towleroad has an article by a former MSHS student


Anonymous said...

Hi All,

I was really proud of how many valley residents behaved today in support of the students. I think those with nasty messages were not from our area which is great.
I did notice that during this battle about the Day of Silence I have heard anti gay comments, anti Mormon comments, anti Democrat comments, anti Republican comments and so on. I think since the Day of Silence is about respect as we move forward in the valley we need to work harder to make sure we respect everyone.
Since it sounds like things went pretty well today I hope in the future we really do practice tolerance and celebrate the uniqueness of all the children and their families in the valley.
Molly Jester
Valley Resident

Mark Joselyn said...


From talking with my kids, their friends, and a number of teachers it is clear that it was a fine day at school for those in attendance. In fact it was a great day. Students were respectful, learning actually took place in contradiction to the fears of some, it was less crowded and actual conversations took place between kids with differing views on the Day of Silence. This is an important message - it was a good day.

I want to thank Principal Taylor for supporting the day and the GSA. I am impressed with the GSA members who persevered in the face of some pretty fierce, and at time nasty, pressure from adults in their lives and in our community. Good for them. Diversity and difference are not just things to be tolerated, but are things to be celebrated.


Mark Joselyn