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"We are shut up in schools and college recitation rooms for ten or fifteen years, and come out at last with a bellyful of words and do not know a thing. "

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, April 25, 2008


Congrats to the GSA and Students of Mount Si that made the DoS a great day despite the antics of the adults outside!

Great thanks to the community for showing their support!

Good story on the event.

Jaqueline Ferland, president of the GSA, said there was definitely a range of opinions, and T-shirts with everything from Bible quotes to her own, which said on the back, "Listen."

"We've started," she said. "There's diversity at this school and there's now a recognition of that."

You Kids Rock!


Anonymous said...

yes - you must be SO PROUD of the individual with the "Throw Rocks Here" sign! Good work!!!!

mighty dr

MtSiParents said...

Yes we are PROUD of these students who stood up to bigotry and hate from adults and perservered for justice.

The young man with the sign you reference was one individual who acted alone. Although we understand his frustration and anger at Hutch, we do not condone his individual actions.

We are also proud of our community members who took the time to support our kids before school. It's unfortunate that our kids need to be reminded that parents and their community supports their efforts to fight for equal rights. It would not have been necessary if Hutch and his cult followers could keep their religion in their church where it belongs.

This is just one of many defeats the religious right will face on the road to equal rights for all humanity.

They already failed in their fight to oppress woman and deny civil rights for those of color.

Your hate will never defeat the force of justice and equality.

We will always be here to stop you.

Anonymous said...

Please - if you think that was an isolated incident you're proving yourself a fool, not to mention that you weren't actually present yesterday. He was one of many who were cursing and threatening and unfortunately for you, someone actually snapped a photo and it was published showing the hypocrisy of your preaching of "tolerance" - yes, you're tolerant so long as it fits your agenda and you hide behind labels like hate and bigotry when it suits you.

mighty dr

ps - we will always be here to talk about God's truthes and to actually stand up for ALL students, not a cherry-picked select few!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Truth!

You wouldn't know the truth if it slapped you in face.

As a matter of fact, you can't handle the truth. That's why you hide behind your cloak of medeival doctrine and outdated dogma.

Anonymous said...

"Yes we are PROUD of these students who stood up to bigotry and hate from adults and perservered for justice."

Indeed we are. Kudos to the students who stayed away from the bigoted, immoral GSA agenda and protested PEACEFULLY instead of the HATRED exuded from the GSA supporters. Unfortunately their intolerance of others is in the majority in this community.

Thank you to the CoDE for ensuring that the school had a set of policies to keep those who chose not to participate yesterday were not treated to the same abuses they were in the past. We are making progress! Soon ALL students will be treated equally in the school district, not just non-Christians. Keep up the fight!

Mark Joselyn said...

Folks, please.

I remain convinced that there is more we share in common than that which separates us. The High School is for the students, who had a good day on Friday and all who were present learned about tolerance, self expression, acceptance and agreeing to disagree, lessons that will serve them well and which the adults in our community need to emulate.

Mark Joselyn

ShannonB said...

I WAS there. My report of what happened was posted to Bilerico on Saturday.
I was very proud of Lucinda and Jane in the way they organized the morning support, and GLSEN in planning their activity away from the school to avoid the kind of confrontation that happened in the late morning.
The DOS is not about confrontation and activites planned by the supports of the GSA were specifically anti-confrontational, for which they should be commended.

Here is the story I wrote about the morning:

BlackTsunami said...

Two points - GSAs are not sex clubs and as long as the Equal Access Act is in place, they are perfectly legal.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the link to your excellent reporting of last Friday's events!!

Robinev said...

There's a good story about the DoS observance at Federal Way High from a local paper there.

The reporter indicates FWHS saw greater participation this year in DoS partly as a response to Hutcherson's antics at Mount Si.